Imagine a place no one has ever seen before. Elegant. Sophisticated. Cosmopolitan. A completely unique home with a spectacular view. The Continental Apartments are situated 60 meters above Stockholm, on top of the new hotel and landmark built at the intersection of Vasagatan and Klarabergsgatan.


Interior design for ESNY by Maria Kangärde


STUBB: hand tufted in pure wool & linen, design Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg

CLASSIC GRID: hand tufted in pure wool, design Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg



luxuriously deep

STUBB - This long-pile rug and exclusive wall-to-wall carpet is luxuriously deep and has a soft, vibrant surface. It is unpatterned and works well in most settings. The mix of linen and wool in various shades creates a beautiful sheen and marbled effect. Hand tufted in pure wool and linen. Se all colors here


Classic is, just as its name implies, a true classic. It has been crafted using a long-fibre, wool yarn with a fine lustre and sheen that is used in many of Kasthall’s rugs. Kasthall’s chief designer, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, has carefully selected a range of 17 fantastic colour combinations with a shimmering look, in single and variegated shades, mixing classic natural colours with vibrant, contemporary hues. Thanks to the high quality of the wool yarn and the closeness of the stitching Classic fits in equally well in the home as in busy public settings and larger projects. Classic is available in five different versions/patterns, providing rugs with a choice of pile depths, borders and relief effects. Available in any size in the 12 solid colours. "GRID a subtle geometric pattern inspired by weaves and grids. The three-dimensional pattern is created by the contrast between surfaces of cut pile and bouclé. With its sophisticated design, Classic Grid adds elegance to most settings."

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