PROJECT: Hotel Gullmarstrand

ARCHITECT: Claesson Koivisto Rune

RUGS: We used our Harvest concept, a scrap yarn project that has been underway for several years: we save all the leftover spools from our regular production. They are sorted by color into six different groups: green, blue, red, orange, black and brown. The woven rug is variegated, and it is up to each weaver to determine the stripe width and other elements. With this approach, each rug is unique and highly personalized. Woven in our standard Häggå weave, with a wool weft and linen warp.

FACTS:The hotel, a gem on the Gullmarsfjorden shore, has slowly grown and flourished over the past 40 years. It is run by three brothers who have created an outstanding locale with care and reflection, based on the old Badhusrestaurangen.
Additional rooms and buildings have been added with the architecture firm CKR. Today, the hotel is infused with high quality and excellent aesthetics.