Unique flooring solution for a unique customer

Recently, Stockholms most prestigefull Restaurant Owner “Stureplansgruppen” opened the new hot spot Hillenberg, where famous chef Karl Ljung is responsible for the menu. Kasthall where chosen by Architect Okidoki as the carpet supplier for the restaurants interior.

The inspiration came from the New York artist Emanuel Röhss who has made graffiti paintings for the restaurants walls. Maja Johansson, Kasthalls designer, received inspiration pictures from the artist as a brief to the design process to find the right pattern & color.

Kasthall choosed a synthetic quality to print on, which works perfect for hard traffic areas, like restaurants and retail spaces. When you choose to work with strong and complicated patterns, printing is a excellent way to get the best result. With a combination of Design & Technical skills Kasthall can deliver the perfect tailormade textile flooring solution for a unique Restaurant as Hillenberg.