Greta in Stockholm city hall


Stadshuskällaren – the restaurant at Stockholm City Hall – is a classic establishment that first opened in 1922.

At the restaurant, diners can order the Nobel Banquet served at the Nobel Prize ceremony from 1901 and onwards. The architecture and original interiors have been described as typical Swedish with a National Romantic style, but at a closer look you can see influences from around the world – Venetian palaces, Moorish courtyards and Byzantine churches.

In 2012, ninety years after it first opened, architect and designer Jonas Bohlin created a new interior for this classic restaurant. Large woven Kasthall rugs in various mélange tones are used throughout the different dining halls, as well as in the restaurant’s curved staircase. Designed by Kasthall’s chief designer Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, the rugs create a beautiful base that complements the wall and ceiling frescos and the furniture. Since they are woven in 100% wool, the rugs are perfectly suited to the wear and traffic of public spaces, and with a colour palette of over 160 colours they offer the possibility for perfect colour matching even in the most sensitive settings.