Published: 2019-09-04

130 Years of Design

Kasthall was founded in 1889 by the young entrepreneur Ludvig Anderson who established a carpet factory in what would later be the heart of Sweden's textile industry.

This year, Kasthall is celebrating 130 years and we want to celebrate with a tribute to our history and our design heritage. With solid craftsmanship and our own Design Studio, we manufacture unique, beautiful and durable rugs in our factory in Kinna, where high quality and a creative environment has attracted world-leading brands and the most prominent designers over the years, such as Ingrid Dessau, Astrid Sampe, Gunilla. Lagerhem-Ullberg, Ilse Crawford, Paola Navone and Lara Bohinc

The Hover exhibition

Together with fashion and lifestyle platform Scandinavian MAN, we have produced a series of pictures with roots in the classic, but where photographer Pär Olofsson has twisted the concept of carpets in a three dimensional depiction. These images can be seen in an exhibition, Hover, in our Flagship Store in Stockholm until September 20, when the gallery moves on to Kasthall's markets around the world.

If Ludvig Andersson visited us today, he would be glad to see that our respect for materials and craftsmanship has remained unchanged and that his enthusiasm for innovation lives on.


The images mainly feature rugs from the 2019 collection 'Soul of Nature':  

FEATHER, news 2019. Design: Ellinor Eliasson
MOSS, design classic  created in 1998 with new colors 2019, Design: Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg
GOOSE EYE ICON, design classic created 2015 with new colors 2019, Design: Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg
CHIQUE, news 2019. Design: Kasthall Design Studio
CUBRICK ICON, news 2019 (inspired by ARKAD from 1989). Design: Ellinor Eliasson
TERRAZZO, news 2019. Design: Kasthall Design Studio


The 'Hover' series

“The idea was to create a series of images with classic roots, but with a twisted concept of rugs, and try and visualize it in a three-dimensional way.
Traditional geometric shapes were the inspiration and the rugs had to set the boundaries.”
- Pär Olofsson, Photographer, Scandinavian MAN