Published: 2017-05-09

Chenille Family

Kasthall is now launching the new Chenille family, renewing six of the brand’s most popular patterns and weaving them in luxurious wool and linen chenille yarn. Like the sense of dimension in an oil painting, an exciting contrast is generated by the meeting of shimmering linen and matte wool yarn. The unique yarn is hand-made at the factory in Kinna and then woven into the desired design.




The element of linen adds shine and a little harshness within the wool, and every rug exudes luxury in true Kasthall spirit, with a beautiful, lustrous finish. Chenille comes in colours Glacier, Verona, Saffron, Dove, Clay, Caviar, Champagne and Emerald, in six different patterns: Charles, Goose Eye XL, Bloom, Ingrid and Corduroy.