Published: 2017-02-08



For the 2017 collection, Kasthall’s design studio has put particular emphasis on future development with the company’s design legacy as its point of departure. The theme of the 2017 collection is Arrival of Origin. One of the news is within hand tufted rugs. Kasthall combines LOOP-technology with a new three-dimensional technique for tufting, using the best of traditional craftsmanship. Showcasing the new technology are the first two releases of the collection – the hand-tufted Field and Madison rugs.

Since the start in 1889, Kasthall has been an innovative design company that creates trends rather than following them. The idea behind this year’s collection is to highlight Kasthall’s design origins as well as its ability to look ahead and develop new crafting techniques. Kasthall has been developing the LOOP technique for some years now, making a more three-dimensional expression in tufted rugs possible in the 2017 collection. In this collection, Kasthall experiments with creating patterns by applying different heights of bouclé, showcased in the two new releases: the Field and Madison rugs. The surface in the higher bouclé adds a new expression, creating shadows that subtly enhance the three-dimensional look and feel. The rugs are framed with a cut edge, adding a stylish and playful touch.

Prior to the color selection, Kasthall looked into its existing color archive of weaving yarn consisting of 116 different shades of color. Weaving yarn is thicker than traditional tuft yarn and gives a more robust impression. The color choices for the 2107 collection were inspired by pure material such as paper, clay and chalk. The Field collection blends Paris Blue, Rouge, Almond, Porcelain Pink and Blond. 



Kasthall’s design studio turned to nature for inspiration for the new Field rug, now being launched in five colors. Each color selection is structured as a model with three threads, like old package strings, where the base is a string in ecru, which sets the tone and is intertwined with other colors. The rug is available in a wide stripe version (Medium) as well as in a smaller stripe version (Small). The LOOP technique creates stripes similar to wooden oor planks or shadows that fall through a venetian blind. With the material and yarn in focus, Field exudes an honest and pure feeling of raw tweed and craftsmanship. 


Urban environments and architecture inspired Kasthall’s designer Maja Johansson when designing the Madison rug, whose patterns are reminiscent of building facades and blueprints of city networks. Madison’s color schemes are also inspired by urban environments, pavements and concrete. The shapes are defined in a surface of three-thread yarn, creating a cohesive mix in a graph relief pattern, crafted by Loop technique. 


When designer Maja Johansson created the rug Othello, she mixed influences from industrial materials. Braided rope and surfaces of bags and shoes create a small but clear pattern image. The woven rug is made up of three different coloured surfaces in equal sections, where one colour is allowed to dominate each specific section. 


The rug is available in three variants, Mandarin Garden, Sounds of Pink and Turquois Delight. These are also available as a single-color option. The impression is eclectically playful and classically clean at the same time.


The Bloom pattern in wool yarn is a romantic, stylish and timeless member of Kasthall’s Häggå family. To create Bloom, The Kasthall Design Studio got their inspiration from plants and various oil paintings, where barren nature meets foggy city. Even the landscape around our factory, with beautiful natural roughness and mist-shrouded lakes, fields and meadows have influenced the expression and colour nuances Lily, Dew, Reed, Thistle and Artichoke.


Designer Maja Johansson’s rug, Castle, is influenced by antique jacquard tapestries, velvet drapes, ceramic structures and art by John Bauer and Gustav Klimt. The rug, in chenille, linen and wool yarns, consist of three pattern images, two of which function as borders and the third representing the dominating part of the rug’s surface. 


The elegant collection of small scale patterns leave plenty of room for the materials and stylish colour palette to shine through. The result is a combination of quiet drama and raw lustre.


Chenille is a collection made of Kasthall's most popular designs, woven with a chenille yarn of wool and linen that is manufactured by hand in Kasthall’s Kinna factory. This unique effect yarn is made to order for each new rug and woven shortly there after in the desired design. The element of linen adds shine and a little harshness within the wool, and every rug exudes luxury in true Kasthall spirit, with a beautiful, lustrous finish. Chenille comes in colours Glacier, Verona, Saffron, Dove, Clay and Emerald, in six different patterns: Charles, Goose Eye XL, Bloom, Ingrid and Corduroy.


Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg’s Greta rug is woven in 100% wool. Each rug combines some ten different colours that, together, create a beautiful mottling in Kasthall’s firm, iconic wool quality. The complex colour composition means the rug can match most design environments. Greta also works great as an exclusive wall-to-wall carpet. New for the 2017 collection are elements of LUREX® in a typical Kasthall colour spectrum, with playful influences from haute couture fabrics, which add glow and magic to the floor.


Kasthall is launching Iris and Marble – two new products in the Kasthall range of wall-to-wall carpeting. Drawing inspiration from suit fabrics and natural materials, the designer blends warm and cool tones in these beautiful new carpets. 


A wilton woven wall-to-wall carpet in 100% wool. Marble has a boucle surface in harmonious and elegant yet rich Kasthall typical sophisticated color ways in mélanges that creates depth.


A tufted wall-to-wall carpet in finest wool. Iris consists of fine tufted rows in two colors that together creates a harmonious surface with a delicate play on color. An exclusive and sophisticated carpet that offers more than what first meets the eye.


The 2017 colour story Denim borrows inspiration from asphalt, Italian suit fabrics, Finnish nature romantic paintings and selvedge denim – denim with natural edging from Japan – in different shades.


News for the 2017 collection are elements of LUREX® within Häggå, choose between silver, gold and copper which will add glow and magic to the floor.



Luxurious and thick tufted Stubb has a soft, vivid surface. The lack of pattern makes it easy to place in any environment, and the mix of wool and linen gives the surface a beautiful sheen and mottling. For this year's collection, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg’s design is updated with colours yielding that ‘little extra’ – an injection of poetry, in shades like denim with splashes of gold, turquoise powdery grey with a touch of silver and cold beige. The inspiration comes from inkblots, earth, corn fields, denim and water colours. Also suitable as wall to wall.