Published: 2018-02-26


In an intense and creative dialogue between our textile heritage and our vision of the future we are proud to present the 2018 Kasthall collection “Legacy of Tomorrow”. This year we have challenged ourselves in the design process as well as in the development of new yarn qualities and techniques for weaving and tufting. We've also brought unique handicraft like embroidery and sketching into the process. Our love of textile history and natural materials led the way. With the Kasthall 2018 collection we invite you to experience the legacy of tomorrow by means of an artful simplicity.


Gabrielle is hand woven in a new bouclé quality made from 100 % linen which lends the rug a light and dry look. By applying linear effects along both warp and weft designer Maja Johansson Starander has transformed artistic passion and skilled handicraft into an exquisite rug. Inspiration for the look was drawn from vintage textiles, carefully mended details on clothes and every day objects. And, from the craft of the hand as seen in traditional embroidery. Gabrielle comes with new proportions, presented as a sligthly asymetric square rug in three unique color schemes.


Katja is a rustic hand tufted wool rug with a pile cut in two different heights in an abstract organic pattern. Inspired by the Swedish fashion designer Katja of Sweden and her clothes in jersey, the designer Maja Johansson Starander has worked with an interpreation of textile as corpus. A specially developed wool yarn with lots of volume has been used in a new unique 3D tuft technique to form the curly, frizzy even waffled surface. The yarn has a deeper color on the inside which creates an interesting visual depth in the rug. Katja also's got a simplistic but well made border. This rug with its raw urban texture is presented in a both sensual and soft gesture. Like an exclusive piece of clothing fallen the floor.


Corduroy is a classic pattern in our Arkad family designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg during her years at Kasthall. In 2018 we have focused on the visuality of this elegant stripe, creating a rug with a decorative, lively surface and immense textile feel. To achive this Kasthall's Design Studio developed a special bouclé yarn in wool and linen which lends the rug a dry yet luxurious and very contemporary look. Bouclé Corduroy is a hard wearing rug for the private home as well as for public spaces. For the colors we've been inspired by the richness of continental food culture.


Freya is hand tufted in a new bouclé made from a chunky wool yarn which has been felted and twisted until it become curly. The tufted loops in different heights are left uncut to create an uneven robust surface with an intricate pattern. Freya is a textile interpretation of moss and lichen, of stone, soil and mineral. In contrast to the softness of the felted yarn Freya comes with an accent border in shiny hair yarn/linen. With its simplistic beauty Freya brings to mind impressions of the serene landscape of Island, thus letting nature into our room.


Bob is a tile or wall-to-wall carpet in polyamide with a woven pattern in a low, stabile bouclé. With its very hard- wearing quality it is perfect for flooring due to intense use like in public spaces, offices, hotels and department stores. Bob is a complement to our hand woven and hand tufted rugs in natural materials. For contract clients Bob make it possible to work with sustainability without loosing in quality or function. Bob comes in full length in a width of 4 meters or as an EVA tile in heavy backing with textile in 100% recycled compact felt, 50x50 cm. The tile is easy to replace.


A minimalistic flat woven wall to wall carpet with flat structure. The tightly woven carpet is suitable for heavy traffic public spaces and suits well for castors. The carpet comes in 18 different colours and is delivered with an acoustic blanket named Sonic Wave. Sonic Wave absorbs sound up to five times better than a regular woven.