Published: 2019-02-04


In the world of literature and art, nature is a recurring source of inspiration. Nature’s wonderous multitude is an abundant treasure chest for creative thoughts. Its ability to create unexpected color palettes and shapes, tickles every sense. Colors and materials hold stories that need to be interpreted 
and told. We have tried to capture the fragile soul and mystique of nature, with humility and awe. 
With curiosity, sustainability and gentle craftsman- ship we have awoken a spirit that one must inevitably surrender to. Expressions that add life and variation to a color, reminding us of the beauty that is sometimes forgotten. The Kasthall 2019 Collection pays homage to nature to become be a part of your soul. Where you can create a scenography that portrays your personal narrative. In your home, or elsewhere.



On the fringe of elegance. This wool- and linen bouclé in two different heights, where lackluster and shine come together to, just like feathers, vary in color and reflect light is inspired by feather plumes and coastal bays. Reminiscent of boas and the fringes of the 70-ies, the design is expressed by the ragged linen fringe. Playful without compromising elegance. The fringe is as vital part of Feather’s personality. The idea behind the base pattern and design originates from the belly of the penguin where the layered feathers harmonize to shape a lively impression in different colors for individual homes and exclusive spaces.

Material: 60% wool and 40% linen

Sizes: any size and shape available. Or choose amongst our suggested sizes.

Recommended sizes: 140x200cm, 170x240cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm, 300x400cm, 350x450cm and round: Ø 240cm


In nature you don’t have to look far or long. Delicate shapes, beauty and fragility exist side by side. It is in this spirit Chique has been conceived; with a surface of cut and uncut loops. A tactile and elegant rug in worsted wool, our finest quality. Light, elegant and glossy – like the feathers of a cygnet – with a fringe striving in different directions create a fluffy striping. The mouliné yarn provide the natural colors and a mix of shades reminiscent of bear fur and feathers where the tinges unite in perfect symbiosis. An inviting, subtle softness for bare feet in elegant yet causal home setting. With Chique in your bedroom you’ll be enjoying the first and the last steps of the day in miraculous comfort.


PRODUCT TYPE: hand tufted rug in pure wool

MATERIAL: 100% worsted wool

COLORS: Sapphire Blue 200, Jade 320, Seal Grey 505, Beige 800, Oyster 802 and Taupe 803 

TOTAL HEIGHT: approx. 24 mm

SIZE: any size and shape available

RECOMMENDED SIZES: 140x200cm, 170x240cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm, 300x400cm, 350x450cm och rund: Ø 240cm

Suitable as an exclusive wall-to-wall carpet.    


Sometimes a refreshing change of scenery is all we need. Poppy has a simple design influenced by young architecture and complex color palettes. It is a tribute to playfulness and creative freedom making an emotional impact on the room or a tangible change in the aesthetics of the space. A bouclé rich in color with a mix of different yarn nuances and a cut fringe producing a sassy border. It is unexpectedly liberating in its moderate madness, yet completely spot-on. Color names such as Delicate White and Happy Orange makes Poppy more than just a rug. It becomes a state of mind, an attitude, that transmits to the furnished space. A declaration that dares to break rules and inspires creativity.

Cubrick Icon

As we weave we shall reap.  Cubrick Icon is an expansion of our classic Arkad family. Inspired by traditional woven textiles in a world of color with washed, slightly faded, linen influenced by light- and weather phenomena, Cubrick Icon emits a subdued and gracious feeling with sophisticated Scandinavian touch. Graphically strict, yet refreshingly playful and personal, with pattern of two differently sized squares converging, blending colors together to form a larger scale pattern in the room. The tantalizing nuances of Cubrick makes it a rewarding companion in interior decoration. It simply complements its surroundings without losing its own identity.


PRODUCT TYPE: woven rug in pure wool

WEFT MATERIAL: 100% wool               

WARP MATERIAL: 100% linen

TOTAL THICKNESS: approx 3,5 mm

TOTAL WEIGHT: approx 1400 g/m2


No, rocks are no lifeless.  A closer look at stones, minerals and crystals will, thanks to the facetted surface, reveal nature’s shimmering color show. The same applies to Terrazzo – at a distance homogenous, going nearer it appears vivid and playful. The three-shuttle process, two of which carry hair yarn and one with our own bouclé yarn, produces a very durable carpet with a characteristic frame-like perimeter in accent color. With inspiration sprung from rugged surfaces and textures like rock, stone, minerals and gems; the colors protrude as soft and vibrant, picking up the color tones of the surrounding space. Nothing, however, is written in rock(!), Terrazzo is a constant invitation to creativity. A carpet suitable for public spaces, but it makes a terrific choice for private homes.





Form. Function. Freedom. Public spaces involves a series of questions for property owners, principal clients, architects, interior decorators and designers. Questions regarding the nature of business, purpose and well-being. But also quality, comfort and acoustics. And, last but not least, aesthetics. Melange Family consists of three different rugs – the woven Macro and Häggå and the tufted Loop – united by the delightful natural aura created by the kinship of the material. Adding the dimension of the generous color palette they offer magnificent opportunities to create harmony and compliance in and between spaces.


The floor is inevitably a common denominator for us all. Thanks to gravity. Melange Family is available in three different qualities as wall to wall or area rugs, offering a wide array of expressions while maintaining the overall atmosphere. A versatile rug family range, highly matchable for office spaces, lounges, conference facilities, restaurants, hotels etc., whenever context is relevant. Which it always is.


A hand tufted bouclé rug made of semi-coarse hair yarn. Loop blends playfulness and stringency where the characteristics of the wool leave visual, tactile and and emotional imprints. The height and density of the loops create a firm springy feeling, complemented by the harmonius balance of the subtle coloring options and the natural shine of the melange wool. The raw cut edge adds an honest and pure expression to this made-to-measure rug. Superior durability and possibility to manufacture Loop in almost any desired shape makes Loop a very versatile rug in both public and private spaces.


1503 Sun Dried Tomato, 2513 Roasted Seaweed, 2514 Sparkling Water, 2522 Juniper Berry, 2625 Sea Salt, 3511 Agave Green, 3530 Bay Leaf, 4613 Golden Honey, 6507 Wood Rose, 6702 Baked Fig, 7506 Smoked Paprika, 8501 Pickled Caper, 8507 Chia Seeds, 8508 Dusty Olive, 8509 Vine Leaf, 8608 Almond Butter, 5005 Natural Grey, 5006 Light Natural Grey,  5007 Natural Black and 2020 Moonlight Blue.


A shaft woven area or wall-to wall rug with a semi-flat character. A perfect foundation for any space, public or private.  Or as a complement to Macro, accenting a defined area or desired mood. It’s superior durability and soft roughness makes for versatile functionality and disruptive interior design effects. The variety of patterns and colors offers great creative freedom and endless possibilities. Not forgetting the full-bodied yarn’s ability to absorb sound, thus creating relaxed – yet elegant - atmospheres.


A woven wall-to-wall bouclé carpet with a dense wool texture and flat character.  Ideal for public spaces. Not only for its durability and ability to withstand strain, but also for its acoustic qualities and wide range of colors. An elegant ribbed pattern and a mottled texture creates a lively visual expression, while providing a tasteful unobtrusive backdrop for larger contexts. Can also be delivered with stitched edges, in any size or shape you require.


Scarlet Red 9247, Ivy Green 9249, Salty Green 9250, Pale Grey 9251, Ash Blond 9252, Dark Sepia 9253, Muddy Khaki, Silver Rose 9255, Dark Teal 9256, Faded Grey 9257, Darkest Pertol 9258, Natural Grey 9259, Black Regal 9260 and Pale Rust 9261



The Goose Eye Icon is a collection of 6 rugs where the design team at Kasthall has created a modern twist on the classic shape with New York inspired colours. The mixes of yarn colours create a slightly “blurred” version of the pattern, giving the rugs a very contemporary look.


New colors: Queens 882, Hudson 521 and Manhattan 553


The iconic long-pile rug Moss is a warm and beautifully mottled rug with an individual look. The mix of long linen threads and short, coarse wool yarn makes the rug soft and luxurious, with a distinctive character that stands out from all others. Colour combinations range from bright block colours to sophisticated graphic nuances.

New colors: 

Deep Coral 100
Dark Turquoise 201
Nickel Grey 502
Blue Iron 501



Designer Maja Johansson’s rug, Castle, is influenced by antique jacquard tapestries, velvet drapes, ceramic structures and art by John Bauer and Gustav Klimt. The rug, in chenille, linen and wool yarns, consist of three pattern images, two of which function as borders and the third representing the dominating part of the rug’s surface. The elegant collection of small scale patterns leave plenty of room for the materials and stylish colour palette to shine through. The result is a combination of quiet drama and raw lustre.


Kasthall´s Chenille family, renewing six of the brand’s most popular patterns and weaving them in luxurious wool and linen chenille yarn. Like the sense of dimension in an oil painting, an exciting contrast is generated by the meeting of shimmering linen and matte wool yarn. The unique yarn is hand-made at the factory in Kinna and then woven into the desired design.


New colors for Castle and Chenille Family: Caviar 503 and Champagne 800


New colors: Navy Blue 660146, Pale Red 660225, Light Turquoise 660235, Turquoise 660277, Golden Green 660283, Dark Brass 660287, Natural Brown 660156 and Raspberry Red 660124.


This woven bouclé-type carpet have a small and elegant ribbed pattern and a hard-wearing texture that is ideal for areas subject to heavy wear. Golf is made from antistatic polyamide. The carpet can be orderd in full lengths or as tiles (48x48 cm or special sizes 24x96 cm & 48x96 cm). The carpet can also be orderd with stiched edges in any size or shape you require.

New colors: 6928 Cerise, 6949 Dark Lilac, 6947 Deep Blue, 6943 Clear Blue, 6916 Warm Grey, 6967 Mud Brown, 6911 Ivory Grey, 6929 Dark Red, 6926 Red Currant, 6965 Dark Gold, 6963 Ochre Grey and 6961 Cold Beige.


When binding the edge of a rug we place a 30 mm polyester strip, of which about 15 mm becomes visible, along the edge of the rug. Suitable for heavy use environments. Color matched to the rug or contrasting color by request.

New colors: Nougat 702, Venetian Red 101, Wine Red 102, Granite Grey 506 and Dark Petrol 301.