Published: 2020-01-30

Explore this year's collection in two exhibitions

Welcome to explore the 2020 collection Colors in Between at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Stand C08:41 and at Kasthall Flagship Store & Showroom in Stockholm. The exhibition at Kasthall Showroom is exclusively curated by Lotta Agaton, who has transformed the showroom into a gallery with installations and sculptures.

Opening hours during Stockholm Design Week

Kasthall Flagship Store & Showroom, Ingmar Bergmans Gata 4, +46 8 662 27 11
Monday 10–18, Tuesday–Thursday 10–20, Friday 10–18, Saturday 10–16

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 4–8 February
Exhibition Kasthall Showroom 4 feb–20 March


Poetry perfected. An expression of passionate weaving. Poetry is a rug in Arkad-pattern with dark earthy tones shifting to light ethereal colors. The edgings on both sides are unique; seven cm wide in three wide colored streaks. From lightness to darkness, dawn to dusk, stone by stone, element by element – the pattern is reminiscent of building blocks, but also holds a history of knowledge and genuine craftsmanship. A patchwork, a mosaic, a tapestry turned into an eclectic figuration of perfection as a result of uncompromising craft at the top of its game. An ever-relevant poem bridging the gap between yesterday, today and tomorrow – where the rug tells a compelling story through color and shape. A story that is yours. And Kasthalls.


Colorful mosaic of the landscape. If you ever glanced down on earth from a landing aircraft you will go through a déja-vu. A mixture of flower fields and farming in a diagonal geometric jigsaw-puzzle where laws of nature create strict lines blurred by odd wild plants. Leftover yarn in various colors from or contemporary production fulfills our sustainable ambition by minimizing waste. Furthermore, it results in thrilling stochastic process and unique rugs. The somewhat uncontrolled, but color coordinated, systematics of this procedure leads to aesthetic values whose three-dimensional expression takes the mind on a fascinating journey and opens possibilities to interior solutions fitting of the times we live in.

Flourish is a developed relative to Harvest, produced with a similar philosophy.


Cosmopolitics, please. Big city, hotel suite, modern architecture and less is more. Harper projects low profile presence, yet axiomatic, with its subtle thin linear structure flirting with the thought of tailored suits. But do not make the assumption that the suit belongs to a man.
Harpers’ androgynic and shaded aura obscures the distinction between the obvious and the blurred. Inspired by a state of timeless existence, tweed and harp strings, the rug becomes an urbane and confident backdrop in the environment in which it is placed. Thanks to its light weighted volume and quiet personality it sets the scene for others, without removing itself.

A hallmark of modern finesse and classic courtesy that is typical of conscious homes and sophisticated public spaces. Or a staircase.


The spaces between spaces. In the beginning there are just different colors. Separated. Together they tell stories and create associations. Loose thoughts are linked together by threads. Yarn. Different colors are mixed on the artists’ palette. New color denominations are born to create depth, light and justice to the inner vision. When the motif is complete, the palette has altered appearance; it becomes a patchwork of nuances, fields and suggestive shades. Deep tantalizing colors, an insight in an ongoing creative process. The result: Palette.

An artistic canvas of yarn that, with a graphic idiom expressing soft textures, harmonic gradients, color richness, symbiotic stringency and freedom. A superior quality rug with colored building blocks joined together and kept apart by spaces. A confident and elegant rug that knows its place.

Narrow Stripe Icon

A legend raises its voice. A confident and classic wool rug originating from a proud Swedish weaving tradition renowned for its richness in pattern and color. Originating in the Narrow Stripe-pattern we have generated five unique color combinations where we challenge the balance between color blocks; graphically and in collaborative tonality. With bold playfulness with regard to patterns and colors we strive to challenge the eye, and surprise through graphic manifestation and color choice, in merging with traditional design. In short, we want to speak louder and become more commercially viable.

Narrow Strip Icon enjoys the company of brave architecture and conceptual interiors.

With Narrow Stripe Icon we want to emphasize the potential of the Arkad-family. We have created color combinations aligned with this year’s color theme, and this new Icon-product emanates from the Narrow Stripe pattern. The collection comprises five colors.


The art of gathering. Inspired by rest products and finds in our absolute vicinity, i.e. our factory and weaving mill, we have created a playful, inspiring and versatile toolbox. Color tones, texture and tactility from leftovers, wood, glass, metal scrap, old punch cards and packaging have given birth to beautiful mixed shades; an addition of seven new colors (to the already existing five) to the Greta family. Each rug consists of twelve different yarns, giving rise to complex, yet harmonic color combinations. A vivacious rug of superior quality whose contrasting and timeless character is a reminder how quality is recurring constant in our life cycle. The original conceptual design was created by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, 2007.


Variations. In life, in nature. Where light and shadow playfully interact in clover fields, vast flower beds, endless forests, open waters and concrete jungle. The natural reciprocation of varying nuances of residual yarn shapes a living rug that is totally unique. Just like every single day. The colors are continuously harvested from our other production, making the design conceptual rather than precise and predictable. As you may realize, this “harvest principle” leads to varying lead times for every rug. But a truly personal rug produced with environmental conscience, where nothing goes to waste, is worth it. Harvest is available in six color concepts, where the main color shifts as one spool runs out of yarn and followed by another , closely related, color. A distinctive character that separates Harvest from other woven Kasthall rugs is the unique ending with a lined edge repeating the rugs’ color variations. On the whole, the result is a pleasant and natural mix of colors that blend perfectly with what is known as the art of living.

Melange Family

Public spaces often provide a multitude of questions for property owners, clients, architects and interior designers. Questions regarding the nature of business, purpose and well-being – but also pertaining to quality, comfort, acoustics and aesthetics. And, of course, sustainability.

With color in focus and its vivid imagery, Melange Family is a collection that satisfies different needs and offers creative solutions for public spaces, but also for private homes. The Melange Effect creates a unifying DNA that weaves them together, even though each rug has the personality to make it on its own. The concept provides conditions to create balanced spaces without sprawling components, with Macro Melange as a backdrop setting the tone with its comprehensive features. And the possibility to use Häggå Melange and Loop Melange to create rooms within the room, like pleasant islands in a landscape where the material forms a stunning and harmonious symphony.