Published: 2018-10-17

Introducing Black Diamond

Earlier this year, Kasthall introduced the hand tufted rug Diamond, which quickly became a favorite in the 2018 collection, Legacy of Tomorrow. Now Kasthall is launching Black Diamond, a black version of the popular rug, which in contrast to Diamond’s white base with gold and black elements has a black base with a linear pattern in copper and cream. 


Customers immediately started asking for more color options. Back at the launch, the idea to launch an elegant black version was already in motion – becoming a challenging product development case for the Kasthall Design Studio. 


Inspiration from exclusive embroidery and haute couture

“Getting the accent colors to really pop has been a challenge. But in the end, we found the right balance,” says Lena Jiseborn, Design Director at Kasthall. “The white base lets the different color elements through more easily, while it took some experimentation to find color elements that stand their ground in the black base, into which the colors sink down more. We’ve done lots of trials runs and experimentation to find our way forward. In Black Diamond, the solution lay in working with thicker lines, a greater flow in our brush strokes, along with greater intensity in the wool blend.”

The result is a dramatic, mystical carpet, with a blunt contrast between the base and the accent colors. Black Diamond’s color palette also gives us a hint of what we can expect to see in Kasthall’s upcoming 2019 collection. 

The inspiration for Diamond was drawn from exclusive embroidery and haute couture. In Black Diamond, the tufted surface is broken up by lines and tufting stiches in contrasting color threads in copper and cream. These are embedded in a sophisticated structure of cut and bouclé pile. Like in a pool of water, the linear design breaks up the underlying pattern, giving a feeling of both fragility and clarity.


Diamond is hand tufted rug with an abstract expression and clear fashion influences. In the tufting studio, designer Maja Johansson Starander, together with product developers, sketched and experimented directly on the tufted weave. The aesthetical expression slowly emerged as part of this creative, experimental journey. 


Material: Wool with elements of linen

Colour: White Diamond 500, Black Diamond 501

Rec. retail price, 170x240 cm: € 3 606

Rec. retail price, 200x300 cm: € 5 304