Published: 2019-06-11

For the love of color

“The architect and his team had been searching 
for a long time to find a saffron-yellow hue.” 


The leading French real estate developer Gecina has made a name for itself through its next generation offices and homes. When decorating its latest flagship in Paris, a state-of-the-art office building in the 17th arrondissement, the company got in touch with Kasthall. In agreement with architect Patrick Rubin from Canal Architecture, they had a clear idea of which color they wanted to create the right atmosphere in the building's reception area. 

“The architect was looking for a very particular color, a saffron-yellow hue that would harmonize with »  



the rest of the interior, which was very colorful. Rubin and his team had been searching for a long time, but it was only when he was introduced to Kasthall that he found the right nuance,” says Gunilla Fredholm, head of Kasthall in France.

The warm color they chose would serve as a base for the rest of the building's first floor interior, but normal-sized rugs were not big enough to create an entirety in an environment that would become visitors’ first impression of the building.

“The rugs were to act as a link between the entrance and the lifts, and it was a large floor. In other words, we needed supersized rugs. In total, we needed five of them, ranging from 25 to 35 square meters in size,” says Muriel Nowik from B Comme Design, who ordered the rugs.   


The design team chose the rug Castle, one of Kasthall’s classics. As the rugs had to be manufactured in new, larger formats, Kasthall's design department in Kinna was happy to step in. 

"Our largest Castle rug is 350 x 450 centimeters in size. To maintain the original impression our design department redrew the pattern to scale, to get the right proportions,” Gunilla explains.

As the rugs were meant for the ground floor, where loads of people pass on a daily basis, color and size weren’t the only requirements. Durability was also crucial. “Castle is a woven rug, as thick as eight millimetres. So, it can withstand a lot and works very well in environments like the one on the ground floor of Gecina's office building,” Gunilla continues. »

”Castle is a classic woven rug and as thick as 
eight millimetres. So, it can withstand a lot.” 



“In addition to design and function, there are always a number of classifications to take into account in these projects. A client such as Gecina has high demands on its subcontractors with regards to sustainability. If you don’t offer production methods and products that meet these requirements, you will not be of interest as a supplier in such a significant project,” says Muriel.

“It's always exciting to be part of a prestigious project like this one. Personally, I think that both Canal Architecture and Gecina showed great courage when they chose saffron-yellow. Together with the other colors in the entrance, they created a unique interior, and our Kasthall rugs contribute to the entirety in a really nice way,” Gunilla concludes.