Published: 2019-02-04

Melange Family


Form. Function. Freedom. Public spaces involves a series of questions for property owners, principal clients, architects, interior decorators and designers. Questions regarding the nature of business, purpose and well-being. But also quality, comfort and acoustics. And, last but not least, aesthetics. Melange Family consists of three different rugs – the woven Macro and Häggå and the tufted Loop – united by the delightful natural aura created by the kinship of the material. Adding the dimension of the generous color palette they offer magnificent opportunities to create harmony and compliance in and between spaces.



The floor is inevitably a common denominator for us all. Thanks to gravity. Melange Family is available in three different qualities as wall to wall or area rugs, offering a wide array of expressions while maintaining the overall atmosphere. A versatile rug family range, highly matchable for office spaces, lounges, conference facilities, restaurants, hotels etc., whenever context is relevant. Which it always is.



Kasthall’s unique melange wool holds visual and functional properties that, woven or tufted, are well suited for public spaces. The wool is characterized by beautiful natural shades in shifting hues, resulting in an organic and subtle expression. Furthermore, it is fire retardant and possesses a dirt repellant quality that simplifies maintenance.



Melange Family is a collection with strong character and pronounced identity. They demand their place, but the also know their place. Together, the dense construction and the full-bodied yarn add efficient sound absorbant qualities.


Originating in the naturally grey shaded melange wool, Melange Family offers a color concept that facilitates and simplifies the work of architects and interior designers. With the rug being the foundation, and the colors the spicing, one is able to convey different temperaments and moods within a single space, throughout different sections of a larger area or even connect spaces within a multistorey complex. Kasthall’s unmistakable attention to color is represented by a multitude of organic soft natural hues, presenting a number of options and combinations for different contexts.



Sustainability is a word that carries double meanings with Melange Family: Environmental awareness and exceptionally long lived products. Scandinavian design and manufacturing results in firmly controlled production process. For Häggå and Loop, the yarn is dyed at a dyehouse not far from our factory in Kinna. For these two qualities, we use exclusively the finest wool originating from New Zealand. For Macro Melange, the wool is a mix from both New Zeeland and Great Britain. The wool is natural material from renewable sources and has superior durability.


A shaft woven area or wall-to wall rug with a semi-flat character. A perfect foundation for any space, public or private.  Or as a complement to Macro, accenting a defined area or desired mood. It’s superior durability and soft roughness makes for versatile functionality and disruptive interior design effects. The variety of patterns and colors offers great creative freedom and endless possibilities. Not forgetting the full-bodied yarn’s ability to absorb sound, thus creating relaxed – yet elegant - atmospheres.


Colors for Häggå Melange and Loop Melange 

Sun Dried Tomato 1503, Roasted Seaweed 2513, Sparkling Water 2514, Juniper Berry 2522, Sea Salt 2625, Agave Green 3511, Bay Leaf 3530, Golden Honey 4613, Wood Rose 6507, Baked Fig 6702, Smoked Paprika 7506, Pickled Caper 8501, Chia Seeds 8507, Dusty Olive 8508, Vine Leaf 8509, Almond Butter 8608, Natural Grey 5005, Light Natural Grey 5006, Natural Black 5007, Moonlight Blue 2020   


A hand tufted bouclé rug made of semi-coarse hair yarn. Loop blends playfulness and stringency where the characteristics of the wool leave visual, tactile and and emotional imprints. The height and density of the loops create a firm springy feeling, complemented by the harmonius balance of the subtle coloring options and the natural shine of the melange wool. The raw cut edge adds an honest and pure expression to this made-to-measure rug. Superior durability and possibility to manufacture Loop in almost any desired shape makes Loop a very versatile rug in both public and private spaces.


A woven wall-to-wall bouclé carpet with a dense wool texture and flat character.  Ideal for public spaces. Not only for its durability and ability to withstand strain, but also for its acoustic qualities and wide range of colors. An elegant ribbed pattern and a mottled texture creates a lively visual expression, while providing a tasteful unobtrusive backdrop for larger contexts. Can also be delivered with stitched edges, in any size or shape you require.


Black Regal 9260, Scarlet Red 9247, Ivy Green 9249, Salty Green 9250, Pale Grey 9251, Ash Blond 9252, Muddy Khaki 9254, Dark Sepia 9253, Muddy Khaki 9254, Silver Rose 9255, Dark Teal 9256 , Faded Grey 9257, Darkest Pertol 9258, Black Regal 9260 and Pale Rust 9261