Published: 2016-10-11


Fall is invited into our homes with calm colors and honest materials, and the beautiful palette emphasizes marble and sea grey, taupe patina along with the shades and nuances of natural materials.

When creating Pebble, a hand tufted rug in the finest worsted wool and linen, Kasthall's designer Maja Johansson was inspired by precious materials such as stone, glass and velvet. The linen in the rug gives it a weathered feel, and the 3D effect in the design makes it feel both exclusive and rich in character. With its subdued elegance Pebble, available in four colours, commands any room

This month we have invited INVANITY to our showroom in Stockholm. Invanity is all about adding personality and attitude to your home , your office or other commercial spaces. The Italian vintage furnitures are a mix from the 70´s and 80´s. 


Core in Taupe Patina, design by Maja Johansson  is a hand tufted rug in the finest worsted wool and linen, very powerful in larger sizes and a perfect match to Svenskt Tenns beautiful sofa.

The Liljevalch sofa from 1934 was the first piece of furniture that Josef Frank designed for Svenskt Tenn. It was shown for the first time at the Liljevalch Art Gallery in Stockholm and hence the name “Liljevalch Sofa”. In a letter to Estrid Ericson Josef Frank wrote that he had designed this large and generous sofa in protest over the prevailing functionalism and boring Swedish handicrafts.



A touch of orange is always welcomed in pretty much any type of space. 

Pearl is for anyone looking for that little something extra. The rug is hand-tufted in worsted wool – an exclusive wool yarn often used in men’s suits for its special lustre and suppleness. Used in a rug, it gives the floor a luxurious, soft velvety surface – a surface that retains its appearance over time, even in busy public environments. The elegant colour scale, inspired by all that the good life has to offer, encompasses subtle, shimmering tones perfect for any number of interiors. Pearl is availabe in 17 shimmering tones. 

Pearl is a perfect combination with any of the patterns in Häggå & Arkad.


On the wall: Glimmer is a hand tufted rug with a tight, short pile of wool and a specially dyed linen yarn that gives the rug its shimmering pattern. The irregular shape of the rug with no right angles challenges the eye and creates tension – what seems to be a straight edge is really a convex line. The inspiration comes from make up and eye shadow, and like an eye-shadow palette, the glimmering surface changes depending on the light and how the yarn lies, which brings the rug to life when it is used. Glimmer comes in three elegant colour combinations to suit a range of different settings. 

In front of Glimmer stands  the easy chair Theselius in aluminum -  wooden framework finished in polished or matt aluminium from Källemo.



Saddler John Palmgren founded Palmgrens in 1896 with address Sibyllegatan in Stockholm, a location that was to become the residence for both the family and the company. Since its inception 120 years ago Palmgrens has consistently developed the range with respect to both raw material and craftsmanship, with a clear imprint on the basis of their history.



When launched 1896, the brand offered customers a range where all types of riding and horse equipment such as saddles, bridles, driving harness and trappings was presented, a time when we were traveling by horse and buggy or saddle in Stockholm. Palmgrens soon expanded its product line successfully with handbags, briefcases, suitcases, desk accessories, jewellery boxes and caskets. All products were produced in Palmgrens own atelier, located in the courtyard houses at Sibyllegatan and Grev Turegatan not far from the store.