Published: 2019-06-18


Sustainability is something that is important to Kasthall and part of our ongoing development focus areas. Our responsibility for the environment extends throughout the production chain and includes everything from the materials we choose for our products to production, transport and waste, emissions to air and water, and options for recycling and reuse.

In 2017, we launched the woven rug Harvest, in which the Kasthall Design Studio saw an opportunity to further the company’s environmental stewardship by making use of leftover spools of yarn from the production process. The result is a small collection of modern woven rugs in color shifting hues, made entirely from residual yarn, each rug with a unique appearance. The color concepts are: green, yellow & red, purple & pink, blue, beige & brown, black & grey.

Harvest was awarded ‘Rug of the Year’  by the ELLE Decoration Design Awards jury in 2018.

As we have had a successful production over the past few months, we have an excess of residual yarns and would like to take the opportunity to offer our customers the chance to purchase one of these rugs at generous deal.

Contact your local retailer for details about this campaign.