Published: 2016-09-15


In its autumn season exhibition ”Local Design”, Svenskt Tenn takes visitors behind the scenes at five Swedish workshops where furniture, glass, carpets and pewter objects are handcrafted for the brand, as they have been for decades. The purpose is to demonstrate the rich craftsmanship practiced in Sweden, and how the selection of materials and manufacturing methods can make a difference for people as well as for the environment. 

The exhibition ''Local Design” opens on September 15, and runs through November 6.

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“A garden seen from above.” Thus describes the designer and artist Jakob Solgren the motif on the tufted rug he has designed in collaboration with Svenskt Tenn. The rug, which is distinguished by a warped geometry and an oblong hole in the middle, required much innovative thinking for the traditional carpet manufacturer Kasthall in Kinna.