Published: 2018-08-08

Two Kasthall classics now in new colors

A field of grass, a bed of moss, a sandy beach or the red earth of Africa. The color map liberates your fantasy, and the mixture of long linen threads and shorter threads of soft wool creates a visual undulation and an exclusively tactile experience. An irresistible invitation to touch and feel. Sprung from textile history and emerging trends, Moss has given the modern mottled rug an unquestioned place on the interior decoration and design stage. An iconic Kasthall rug that is and remains a favorite choice for private homes, comprising a range from lively colors to sophisticated graphic nuances.


Moss is available in 10 different colors, of which four are new:  Beige, Beige-Grey, Brilliant Blue, Green, Silver Grey and White. New: Deep Coral, Dark Turquoise, Nickel Grey and Blue Iron.


Gry, a hand-tufted bouclé rug in wool and linen, was launched in 2011. The unique irregular surface, crafted using cut and loop pile, was developed by Kasthall’s product manager Mathias Andersson after months of hand-tufting experimentation. The result is a soft, shimmering and robust surface with a fresh, vibrant expression, which inspired designer Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg. The rug is named Gry after Andersson’s daughter.

Originally launched in a neutral color scale, Gry is now also available in two soft pastel colors that immediately capture the eye: a mint-blue Pale Turquoise and a muffled pink Rose Mist., with elements of linen adding extra luster. 


The classic hand-woven bouclé rug Esther, designed by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg in 2000, is now being launched in four new colors: three powdery greige nuances with elements of copper and bronze, and a warm, rich tangerine tone. Esther is woven in a curly wool and linen yarn developed and manufactured at Kasthall’s factory, specially produced for each individual rug.