Published: 2018-08-06

The wall-to-wall phenomenon is here

Livia is our new tufted wall-to-wall carpet in 100% wool bouclé, developed specifically for public spaces. The color palette is inspired by the Nordic landscape and the thick mottled yarn has got natural color variations of a melange character.

- 100 percent wool in tufted bouclé

- Natural melange wool in 5 colors

- General commercial use, Class 32

- Castor friendly quality

- Both as area rugs and carpets

- In stock, 1-2 weeks delivery


For Livia we have used a thick yarn of high density which lends a fantastic textile feel to the surface. At the same time it is a strong surface of comfortable height. The low and tight bouclé stands perfect to different kinds of wheels on furniture or chair legs. Livia was accepted into the Building Material Assessment, where it got graded "recommended" for content and overall judgement. Livia comes in a width of four meters. 

The shifting-color of the carpet lies in the rich fibres of the yarn, where each one has its own natural shade, blended into an elegant mix.

The palette consists of 5 colors, displayed on the left (from left-right, top-bottom):

Cold Lava 8452

Himalaya 8455

Rubble Stone 8453

Camel 8456

Drift Wood 8454