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Fogg cushions

The new cushions come in three different sizes – mini, midi and maxi. Each size fills a function, from being small decorative elements on the bed to giving a texture-rich touch to the sofa – or used as poufs on the ground. The beautifully mottled pile is about 40mm long and picks up different colors from its surroundings.

“The shaggy look is delectably luxurious, giving a three-dimensional lift to its surroundings. It’s exciting to see how the rug comes into its own in new shapes and areas of the home. We’re now launching cushions, big, mid-size and small, which look great on the sofa or armchair, and of course on the floor, where Fogg started its career,” says Lena Jiseborn, design manager at Kasthall.

The Fogg cushions were developed specifically to make use of material left over from the production of rugs. This is in line with Kasthall’s goal to secure a production process that is as sustainable as possible, with utmost consideration for nature’s resources.





Suggested sizes:
25x25cm, 50x50cm, 70x70cm

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