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Cosmopolitics, please. Big city, hotel suite, modern architecture and less is more. Harper projects low profile presence, yet axiomatic, with its subtle thin linear structure flirting with the thought of tailored suits. But do not make the assumption that the suit belongs to a man.
Harpers’ androgynic and shaded aura obscures the distinction between the obvious and the blurred. Inspired by a state of timeless existence, tweed and harp strings, the rug becomes an urbane and confident backdrop in the environment in which it is placed. Thanks to its light weighted volume and quiet personality it sets the scene for others, without removing itself. 

A hallmark of modern finesse and classic courtesy that is typical of conscious homes and sophisticated public spaces. Or a staircase.




Ellinor Eliasson is educated at The Swedish School of Textile University of Borås, she came to Kasthall for a internship at our product and design department in 2015 and has since then been a part of many successful projects. Ellinor developed the Harvest concept, woven rugs made of residual yarn. 



Suggested sizes:
85x240cm, 135x200cm, 160x240cm, 195x300cm, 240x350cm, 290x400cm, 340x450cm
Custom made sizes:
Choose width between 70-600 cm and any length.


  • PRODUCT TYPE: woven rug in pure wool
  • WARP MATERIAL: 100% linen
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: approx 1400 g/m2 
  • WEFT MATERIAL: 100% wool
  • TOTAL THICKNESS: approx 3,5 mm