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An idea sometimes appears out of nowhere. Watching yarn spools from the weaving mill being thrown into the combustion container lit the spark that grew from idea to a new rug. And a next step in our continuous environmental work. Harvest is made from residual yarn, making every rug unique – a modern rug in varying shades. Harvest is available in six different color concepts, instead of exact colors, as the availability of residual yarn largely determines the design. The availability of yarn may vary, affecting the lead time.
Sometimes we must wait for a specific yarn color from our production, but it’s worth waiting – a totally unique rug is hard to beat. A triple shuttle-weave whose color changes in step with the spool running out in one shuttle, being succeeded by another spool, another color. A distinctive character that separates Harvest from other woven Kasthall rugs is the unique ending with a lined edge repeating the rugs color variations. Color concepts: green, yellow & red, purple & pink, blue, beige & brown, black & grey.

Design: Kasthall Design Studio/Ellinor Eliasson

What is residual yarn? 
Usually, there are one to three spools of yarn left over after a rug is produced. This is done deliberately to ensure accessibility to material, should anything go wrong during production*. In our quest to avoid color discrepancies or deviations (a crucial principle of our quality standard) we never reuse residual spools for new rugs. A rather brilliant idea in line with our pursuit for sustainable production processes, setting an example for the rest of the industry to follow.




Ellinor Eliasson is educated at The Swedish School of Textile University of Borås, she came to Kasthall for a internship at our product and design department in 2015 and has since then been a part of many successful projects. Ellinor developed the Harvest concept, woven rugs made of residual yarn. 





Suggested sizes:
90x240cm, 140x200cm, 170x240cm, 200x300cm, 250x350cm, 300x400cm, 350x450cm
Custom made sizes:
Choose width between 70-600 cm and any length.

Also suitable as an exclusive wall- to-wall carpet.


  • PRODUCT TYPE: Woven rug made of residual yarn in pure wool
  • MATERIAL: 100% wool
  • WARP MATERIAL: 100% linen 
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: approx 5 mm
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: approx 2200 g/m2

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