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The inspiration behind Karl is based on a flexible system with various sizes of geometric shapes, like fields. Karl is an exclusive hand tufted rug in the finest wool and linen. The geometric pattern is reinforced by the combination of two pile heights – a higher cut surface and a lower in bouclé. Karl has a timeless and tactile design where the monochrome fields gives a natural highlight for each colour – all in line with Jean-Marie Massaud´s design philosophy. The rug is available in three different colours, two solid colours – and one multi coloured where the fields have different colours, which gives the rug a more playful look. The name Karl is inspired by the philosopher Carl Gustav Jung, but changed to Karl as for Kasthall.



Jean Marie Massaud

Jean Marie Massaud is an architect, inventor and designer. Denying trend and fashion, Jean Marie prefers questioning the existing, working out on progress and eventually proposing answers to contemporary stakes. It is this symbiosis between Man, his creations and his natural environment, that Jean Marie Massaud strives to reach. The collaboration between Jean-Marie Massaud and Kasthall developed into combine Kasthall’s skills, manufacturing techniques and quality, in combination with Jean-Marie Massaud’s vision of comfort and timelessness. The result of these ambitions is the hand tufted rug Karl.



Suggested sizes:
166x260cm, 235x268cm, 262x305cm
Custom made sizes:
Upon request.


  • PRODUCT TYPE: Hand tufted rug in pure wool and linen
  • MATERIAL: 95% wool and 5% linen
  • BASE FABRIC: Polyester
  • BACKING MATERIAL: Polypropylene and recycled yarn
  • PILE HEIGHT: approx 10/15 mm
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: approx 10/19 mm
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: approx 4500 g/m²
  • ADHESIVE: Aqueous acrylic adhesive

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