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Narrow stripe icon

A legend raises its voice. A confident and classic wool rug originating from a proud Swedish weaving tradition renowned for its richness in pattern and color. Originating in the Narrow Stripe-pattern we have generated five unique color combinations where we challenge the balance between color blocks; graphically and in collaborative tonality. With bold playfulness with regard to patterns and colors we strive to challenge the eye, and surprise through graphic manifestation and color choice, in merging with traditional design. In short, we want to speak louder and become more commercially viable.

Narrow Strip Icon enjoys the company of brave architecture and conceptual interiors.

With Narrow Stripe Icon we want to emphasize the potential of the Arkad-family. We have created color combinations aligned with this year’s color theme, and this new Icon-product emanates from the Narrow Stripe pattern. The collection comprises five colors.

Narrow Stripe is available in five different colors: 
Bamboo Leaf 381, Indigo Dream 221, Red Clay 753, Summerset 483, Silver Plum 560




Since 1889, the Kasthall Design Studio in Kinna, West Sweden, has created rugs for all kinds of clients and spaces; from beautiful residences, lux yachts, and exotic hideaways to cool offices, boutique hotels and the Swedish Royal Castle. 

Kasthall is about transforming a vision into a realistic design solution for the floor. To create a Kasthall rug, there are several ingredients; high expertise and craftsmanship, the finest natural materials in the world, and excellent design understanding. Every step and every rug is guided by two motivations: perfection and passion. 



Suggested sizes:
85x240cm, 135x200cm, 160x240cm, 195x300cm, 240x350cm, 290x400cm, 340x450cm
Custom made sizes:
Choose width between 70-600 cm.


  • PRODUCT TYPE: woven rug in pure wool
  • WARP MATERIAL: 100% linen
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: approx. 2310 g/m2
  • WEFT MATERIAL: 100% wool
  • TOTAL THICKNESS: approx. 7 mm