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Capturing the contemplative aura of rocks, gravel and rippled sand of ancient Zen gardens, Lara Bohinc has reimagined the purity and geometric form and transformed the essence of Japanese tradition in her signature style. A hand tufted rug of highest quality pure wool with an element of linen. A playful and creative shape where the graphic language of opposing circles and curves is more explicit and bolder than East of the Moon. The asymmetric shape is a reminder of nature’s ability to find its own way, still finding a stable balanced character. The boundaries are stretched in typical Bohinc fashion, allowing lines to flow along the perimeter of the rug. The color scheme of the two rugs are earth and rust, and dove and rose, respectively.




Lara Bohinc’s talent for creating products with timeless modernity have made her one of the most innovative and successful designers of her generation. For Kasthall, she has created the collection From the Sun to the Moon in 2019.

Lara Bohinc MBE studied Industrial Design at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, followed by MA in Metalwork and Jewelery at Royal College of Art London. After graduation, she won British Fashion Council’s New Generation Award and launched her own studio. She was design consultant for many luxury brands, amongst them Montblanc, Gucci and most notably Cartier, a position she held for over a decade.

A mark of her work is versatility. A passionate believer in the universality of good design, she always looks to bridge the divide across different mediums of furniture, objects jewelery and textiles.

Bohinc’s ability to create work with iconic beauty is rooted in her familiarity with materials and manufacturing approaches. While retaining a deep respect for the traditional principles of her craft, she has also drawn on her knowledge of industrial techniques, fusing modernity of style with function, to achieve a contemporary elegance. The same principles apply in all of her designs – use of the finest materials, and an obsession with deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure geometric form. Overall, Bohinc’s signature style is a mix of contradictions: bold yet light, graphic yet fluid, angular yet feminine



Suggested sizes:
170x255 cm., 200x300cm
Not available in costume sizes.


  • PRODUCT TYPE: Hand tufted rug in pure wool and linen
  • MATERIAL:   wool and linen
  • BASE FABRIC: Polyester
  • BACKING MATERIAL: Polypropylene and recycled yarn 
  • PILE HEIGHT: approx 15/22 mm
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: approx 26 mm
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: approx 3600 g/m2