We have unique customers with unique needs. That’s why we produce to order so our rugs are always made specially for you. With control over the whole production process, from the yarn to the finished rug, together with our customers we have fostered the perfect conditions for a more sustainable everyday life. At home, in the office and throughout shared spaces. For us, a sustainable every day also means designing for spaces that inspire better communication and wellbeing. That’s why it’s vital that together with our partners, we take responsibility for the people who work with us. Those people who make everything we do possible.

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A SUSTAINABLE PERSPECTIVE – Sustainability is rooted in our history. It was there when we started and continues in our work today. It is how we view the world and how we develop. It is evident in the way we approach design and craft and how we consider our impact on people and planet. It is part of our ambition to contribute to positive change for a sustainable future.