This stylish and sophisticated hotel in the heart of Manhattan is indeed an amalgamation of both its namesake cities. Sophisticated aesthetics by celebrated interior designer David Collins meet culinary delights by acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay.

Kasthall rugs can be found throughout the hotel—from the hotel suites to the restaurant—and all rugs are custom made to complement the elegant interiors. In the hotel suites, the stunning white woven rug Glenn is installed as a wall–to–wall carpet, and perfectly enhances the sublime décor. Woven in a mix of the finest wool and linen yarns, the result is a soft yet lively surface that is as elegant as it is durable.

The hotel rooms boast custom–made round woven Häggå rugs and in the restaurant, another custom–designed Häggå Goose Eye is used as a wall–to–wall carpet.